Car-Seats on Vacation; the extra luggage!

Traveling with children is the most rewarding adventure you can have together as a family. Kids
benefit a great deal from going on vacations with their parents by gaining new experiences and
forming stronger bonds with parents. Research shows that vacations not only provide us with
the much-needed family time in our overworked world but also make our kids smarter. Travel
enables plenty of quality time with children, whether it is hiking, going on road trips or flying with
your kids. Child psychotherapist Dr. Margot Sunderland tells that “Family vacations provide
children with rich learning environments that give them new social, physical, cognitive and
sensory experiences, which enhance executive functions such as focus, planning and
concentration”. As a parent, to offer an experience like this from a very young age can play a
vital role in their brain’s development. Just like reading stories to your young ones, the skills they
acquire from such traveling memories are irreplaceable.
All that being said, travelling with infants or toddlers is no easy feat and can be daunting at
times. The issue of car seats is one of the most frustrating aspects of family travel and one that
has less than ideal solutions; because most countries do not have a law that require child
restraints while travelling. In addition to having to take care of your child, there’s also an extra
luggage that needs to be carried around with you in the airport for a safe and hassle-free flight
with your child -a car seat. And choosing a safe and travel friendly car seat for your little one can
be quite a challenge. Renting a car seat often comes at a disadvantage because you’ll never be
assured of its quality and cleanliness with the added disadvantage of it being unfamiliar to both
parents and children. It’s always preferable to travel with your own car seats since studies
shows that the majority of child car seats are installed incorrectly and its always safe to use one
that you are familiar with installing properly.